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Dull complexions and clogged pores are a sign of unhealthy skin. As your body’s largest organ, skin cells need to turnover on a regular basis to reveal healthy new cells. As we age, the rate of cell turnover slows down and by doing regular treatments, we can stimulate the skin into acting younger. Clinical facial treatments are not only relaxing and rejuvenating, but they can also bring various benefits. Depending on which facial treatment is recommended, your skin will feel fresher, younger, smoother and brighter afterwards.

Facials will also draw out toxins from your skin to help give it a new glow and help it function the way it is supposed to. This makes facial treatments ideal for most people, whether your goal is to look younger or look healthier.

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Pure Radiance Signature Facial
World Renowned DMK Enzyme FaciaL

The world famous DMK Enzyme Masque is like no other skin treatment you have ever had! It’s a facial, but not a fluffy, girls-day-at-the-spa facial. This is about results!

DMK is the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Properly formulated these enzymes remove dead protein, toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using “reverse osmosis”, the same process in which our kidneys purify our blood.

Where some cosmetic facial treatments may act only on the surface of the skin, the DMK Enzyme Masque works with the skin penetrating all the dermal layers. The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin and create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in.

The enzyme masque is the star of the show in this treatment! It stays on for approximately 35 minutes. The first 10 minutes or so feels like a thick cleanser that develops into a typical mud masque feeling. After that the masque really kicks in, drying and pulling skin back towards your scalp, a pulsating action occurs which is the ‘reverse osmosis” effect -- drawing toxins and fluids from our skin. During his time, the enzyme masque is also removing dead skin cells, activating collagen in the skin and working your facial muscles intensely, which leaves the skin feeling and looking incredibly firm.

Fire and Ice Facial (a.k.a. the “Red Carpet” Facial )

The Fire and Ice Facial is famous for its instant brightening, smoothing and tightening of the skin. It is also known as the “Red Carpet” facial treatment in Hollywood for obvious reasons! This intensive clinical treatment is designed to resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and deep-clean blocked pores without any negative side effects such as excess redness or peeling. Serums and creams with aromas of warm cinnamon and cool peppermint compliment a combination of two professional treatment masks. Fire and Ice is a Medical Treatment by IS Clinical.

Vampire Facial

One of the most popular treatments we offer at Pure Radiance is the Vampire Facial. This uses microneedling and PRP technology to help reduce the appearance of scars and promote cell repair and regeneration.

A small amount of blood is drawn, then spun in a centrifuge which separates the red and white blood cells from the platelet rich plasma. The technician then microneedles PRP into the skin, creating micro-punctures. This drives the isolated growth factors into the skin and creates stimulus for tightening and rejuvenating the collagen while simultaneously repairing vascular networks and creating new vascular networks in the treated areas. As a result, the skin tightens and glows with colour and grows a thicker dermal layer. This type of facial even helps soften scarring for a beautiful, younger and very natural result.

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